November 17th, 2022

Ecosteer Launches Out of Stealth and Presents at Automotive Forum, Munich

After reviewing and reconstructing its market strategy, business model, and organisation, Ecosteer announces it is coming out of stealth mode.

Marking a new beginning, it launches a new branded V2X technology V00X, presented today by Giada ZANATTA at the Automotive Forum in Munich.

V00X by Ecosteer is a leading-edge technology that enables privacy-centric multicast scenarios in the automotive industry.

By assigning data access control at its point of origin - any connected device – V00X provides an automated mechanism to granularly control third-party visibility over live data.

It allows data owners – drivers – to unilaterally grant and revoke data access to selected stakeholders, making any V2X scenario inherently privacy-compliant by design.
V00X uses a patented multicast end-to-end encryption scheme to establish a 1-to-1 disintermediated relationship between data owners and all the interested data users, thus, enabling neutral data exchanges. It is a future-ready means to control real-time data sharing in a decentralised, scalable, and ethical way.

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